Making Characters With B


A Performance Workshop with Brian Getnick

Saturdays and Sundays
June 2, 3, 9, & 10 11am-2:30pm
$80-100, limited to 14 participants

Build a character performance in a four-day workshop and showing.

What do puppets, holograms, cartoons and monsters tell us about performing the human? Find inspiration in Frankenstein, Tupac hologram, bunraku and Kabuki, lopsided dramas of Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy, and contemporary performers. Write, move, collaborate, and discuss. Explore the choreographic, sonic, and spatial potential of character.

Participants from all backgrounds are invited to presents works in progress or start anew.

Brian Getnick is an artist and facilitator of contemporary performance in Los Angeles. His performance work animates sculptural figures that are containers for research into the intersections of memory, history and mythology. Getnick is the director of PAM residencies, a showcase and residency program for performers making long form work and is the founder and co-director with Tanya Rubbak of Native Strategies, a journal documenting performance art in LA since 2011