Manifestation Yin


Introduction to Manifestation Yin Yoga Ritual with SA RA

Ongoing Drop-in Class 6/25, 7/8, 7/16, 8-9pm
$10-20 sliding scale

ManifestationYin is a deeper yoga experience to open the body and mind for inner warriors who wish to awaken the power within. Poses are held longer to access deeper tissues of the body and mind, and to allow for the natural transmutation of dissonant energy to occur. Yin is the feminine principle of the universe associated with the subconscious, slowness, yielding, the moon, the intuitive receiving force; and that combines with yang, our masculine forward-moving energy for the manifestation of all that comes to be.

Please bring a mat.

Making Little Melodramas


A Workshop with Tim Reid

Sundays, July 9—August 13, 12pm-3pm
$100-150 sliding scale

Melodrama is moral, utopian, and about recognition. It makes grand declarative statements which stand in for the thing declaimed. And it is, and aspires to be, accessible and popular. Taking all that into account, this thing can look any number of ways. And we’ll try to make some more. This will be a writing workshop. Our aim is to generate and share material. To learn and entertain each other. We will be talking and looking at examples. And then we will be writing and making funny little, weird little scenes which we will read and perform for each other. We’ll look at performance in terms of artificiality, affect, neutrality, and the found and the fortuitous. It is about holding, about restraint, and about release.

Tim Reid makes theater, writes, and performs. He has been an ensemble member with The Neo-Futurists in Chicago and was an original member of the Los Angeles-based Wet The Hippo with whom he performed around California, Las Vegas, and Chicago. He has made work for PAM Residencies, Machine Project, and Highways, and performed at Pieter, REDCAT, Night Gallery, and the Hammer Museum. He has studied and worked with 500 Clown, John Gilkey and Mady Schutzman, among others, and has an MFA from CalArts in Critical Studies with a concentration in Writing and Performativity.